Indian Soldiers

The one who enjoys the country’s joy,
& serves its nation at its call;
One who contributes to its development-
Contribution either big or small…

Who would never stop or be scared from
Any danger or challenge his way,
would rather martyr self like braveheart
But never give up or run away.

He who doesn’t care for his own life
But puts first the life of his citizens;
He who is the model of discipline,
of wisdom, of courage & of diligence…

Whose presence is really remarkable
and can deal with any situation peacefully,
can neutralise an emergency or a danger,
or an enemy, a disabled or a bully.

He who has the guts and skills
To lead in a simple just manner;
Can take any tool for hard work-
A gun, a keyboard, a sickle or a spanner…

… and who would bravely serve the all
With sweat and thoughts like “fire or fur”,
thus could succeed and salute the Mother proudfully;
is the real Indian soldier!
– Shantanu Sikder(Blogger SHANTANU)

“Remember, in Republic Day 2017 @ SVIS, I mentioned about my poem recitation made by myself? The above poem is that one.
Do you know, guys, what makes our lives secured and our nights peaceful?
It is the Indian Army(#IndianSoldiers). Every day and every night, they keep their life in front of the border so that our lives can be secured. This is how our country is secured to at least the current level.
We must adore our Army more than anything because they adore our lives.

So, always Respect the ones at the border and think of them when you are the most scared.

“I hope you like this poem.”
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