How to Run “Black-Screen Android Apps/Games”

“Hi guys, Shantanu is back; this time with a very helpful tutorial.”
This is the one which will help many standard-Android users to get rid of a common problem. Especially the gamers(“I am very concerned about the gamers, because I am a gamer too.”), who may have deleted some attractive games just because of a nonsense problem ‘black-screen’ which occurs during the gameplay of many games.
I spotted this problem first when I was playing ‘Special Forces Group’ and after “starting a match” the whole screen except the keys(trigger, reload, etc.) turned black.

I then followed this simple trick:
(i) Become a developer; Go to Settings => SystemAbout Phone and tap the Build Number seven times, which will unlock the Developer Options under System Settings.
(ii) Now go back to System Settings and open the Developer Options.
(iii) Turn Off Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale.
(iv) Check the boxes of Force 4x MSAA and Disable HW Overlays.
NOTE: Make sure that the Developer Options are ON.

Done, enjoy your game now.

Few tips to save your device battery

  • Enable the above settings.
  • Avoid gaming or chatting or doing nonsense activities on your device for long. Set an effective time table to complete your everyday tasks related to your device, which would have less priority on unneeded activities and this reduce the operating time, and follow it.
  • Decrease your device’s brightness and charging periods. Sometimes, getting your device connected to the charger frequently may also make the device weaker and thus unable to retain power for long.
    For this, obviously, you’d need to be able to maintain its power!
  • Don’t start to many processes together, as it would increase the CPU usage and thus strain upon the battery.
  • Sometimes, some hidden apps running in the background may consume a lot of power. Make sure you close your Apps and windows properly when you don’t want to use them. Having a CPU checking app can prove it easier to manage applications running “behind the curtain”!
  • (From my personal experience) Don’t give your device to such a person who would leave it without asking to do only when the device is in a state of dying within a few minutes!

One can also use a trusted battery saver I use the Android Battery Saver when I need- maybe possible only once(at most) in a day.

Visit my Channel to watch a video tutorial- Simple Trick to Run Black Screen Android Apps/Games and Save Battery

“I hope this works. It worked 100% on my Android handset. Please comment below your precious advice and ask me for any more tutorial; I shall try my best to bring them. Thanks.”
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