HTML and Basic Format of an HTML Document

“Hey guys! I have brought up this article for all those who are keen to design HTML web page. In fact, this web article is also designed in HTML! I hope you all will enjoy it. Say cheers to WoBS!!”


It is a kind of text which contains extra formatting, linking and multimedia features. In simple words, it is the combination of text, multimedia and linking.

Markup Language
It is a way of writing layout information within documents.

HTML is a page layout and hyperlink specification language. We can embed pictures and other multimedia features in it.

The few basic things you’d need to write the HTML program is as follows:

  • Computer or a smart device
  • Text editor(like Notepad* or MS Word)
  • Web browser** to view the page.

* Notepad++ is a better version of Notepad for such programming.

** Microsoft  Edge and Google Chrome are some  of the best web browsers.

To read more about HTML, visit Wikipedia



Tags are the main elements of an HTML document.
They are the definers of a certain task or behaviour or formatting of a particular content on the web page. Actually, they are the commands in HTML.
They are written inside angular brackets (< >).

Container tags

These tags are the ones which need the description of the starting and an ending of that particular command.
e.g. the HTML tag (<html>) and (</html>)

The initial tag is called ON tag and the ending tag, with a forward slash, is called OFF tag.

Empty/Non-container tags

These tags are one-tag commands. Means, they don’t need an OFF tag.
e.g. Horizontal Rule(<hr>)


The basic format of an HTML document is given below

(It can contain the formatting, paragraph, picture, linking, etc. tags and the main content.)

Visit my YouTube channel and watch this video for a tutorial:

Basics of HTML and Basic Format

“I personally like HTML because it isn’t case sensitive. It means that if one element or tag is wrong then the whole program isn’t disturbed; only that is ignored. Please share this article and help your friends; useful comments awaited…”
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