It Isn’t Indubitable

It isn’t indubitable about the outcome
Of a field oriented for skills of wield;
It’s all throughout the whole action that
One realises who does the better yield.

The predictions are never totally indubitable
Because they are mere ideas of calculation.
It’s all about understanding the real and practical;
How one can manage the situation.

It isn’t indubitable- who’d have to return
And who’d be able to tackle the perplex till last.
The winner “can” be the one who is slow-and-steady,
But “might” be the one who is lucky and fast.

Against one, may be an aggressive progressor
Or a clever looper of his emotions.
But to stand he’s meant to control and struggle
And wisely understand the challengers notions.

The field is surrounded with people of all kinds,
So it isn’t indubitable- which is the majority being encouraged;
The potential is in one’s own hands
And no one else can turn his way ravaged!

Because in the whole world that one is the only one
Who can earn himself his destiny’s and victory’s ticket-
The ticket to rock and prove one’s talents;
Be in life, or sport like cricket!!

– Shantanu Sikder(Blogger SHANTANU)

This is another poem I wrote in the period of a month(the previous being Indian Soldiers). It has a wide and very deep meaning, with a metaphor with cricket. It is noticeable that the poem includes both Good Batsman and Super Spinner as the ideal comparison to the challengers and challenges we meet in life. Hope it is enjoyed by the readers!

“I hope you like this poem.”
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